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endless pool unit
【Name】 endless pool unit
【Series】: Pool/endless pool unit
【Model】:EPU-60  EPU-120



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 LASWIM Endless Pool Unit

 LASWIM endless pool unit is a product that can bring innovative swimming experience, it solves the problem that swimmer needs to turn round and round again in the small and medium-sized swimming pool. It makes small and medium pool no longer just a landscaped pool, but a really private swimming pool.

       Endless pool unit equips with adjustable powerful laminar flow propeller and control system, allows the still water flow with directional layer. When the swimmer swims backwards to the laminar flow, he feels swimming in a flowing river and doesnt need to worry about the limitation of pool space, but swimmer can truly experience the unlimited travel joy and enjoy the function of fitness.

      Endless pool unit integrates a full range of swimming pool circulation, filtra-tion, disinfection system. No need to build the equipment room. No need complicated manual operation and professional management. It significantly saves the cost of the operation and maintenance of the pool.

      Endless pool unit has a variety of specification and models, which is suitable to various shapes and sizes of newly-built villa pool, the community swimming pool and the old pool rebuilding, swimming pool and swimming club functions transformation. Except for the standard configuration, system equip-ment of endless pool unit can be custom-built according to the users requirements.


 Features of Laswim endless pool unit

·Let small and medium pool no longer just as a landscaped pool, but a really swimming pool.
·It integrates a set of swimming pool water treatment unit. No need to build motor room.
·Adopt quartz sand filter with high quality to ensure the pool water clean.
·Automatic control, without complicated manual operation, without professional management.
·Suitable to new medium and small swimming pool and the old pool rebuilding, system equipment can be

custom-built according to different needs.


The contrast of ordinary small and medium-sized swimming pool installed endless pool unit